Why it is important to compare CBD oil

As of today, the CBD industry still lacks sufficient supervision, standardisation and transparency.

The currently available CBD products are not necessarily of good quality.

You owe it to your health to get your CBD from producers who are committed to a reliable, pure product.

Quality, purity and standards

Remember that the cannabis plant absorbs contamination from both the soil and air very easily. Hemp is in fact considered a soil purifying plant for contaminated grounds. This means that when this plant is grown for human consumption, its location and growing conditions are of utmost importance. 

  • Is the origin of the CBD known or could it have been purchased from a uncontrolled third party, possibly in Asia, where unwanted substances could have ended up in the final product due to addition or contamination?
  • Are there lab test certificates available, to verify the quality and composition of the product?
  • Is the product certified organic?

Extracting CBD from cannabis must take place in a professional laboratory under strictly controlled circumstances. Governmental regulations and procedures for medical grade products do not apply to CBD. The industry should therefore take full responsibility.

  • Is the CBD content mentioned on the package guaranteed?
  • Does the manufacturer follow Good Manufacturing Practices (the global standard for the production of medicinal products)?

Are there any safety concerns?

All CBD products are generally safe. They contain very low levels of THC and therefore do not make you high. 

However, for those who use CBD on a daily basis, it’s important to know you are taking a safe, pure, contaminant free product. Why take unnecessary risks?

  • Is the product organic?
  • Have you seen proof of the fact that it does not contain traces of pesticides, soil contaminants, funghi or heavy metals?
  • Has it been produced in a professional lab where adequate safety measures have been taken (HACCP, GMP)?
  • Is the THC percentage below the legal maximum of 0.2% (in most countries: 0,05%)?

Value for money?

CBD products seem expensive, but are they really?

  • How much CBD content does the product contain?
  • Is it a so-called full spectrum oil, which contains all the original active components from the plant?
  • Is it possible to dose carefully and precisely?