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What if CBD does not work on me?

Let’s get this over with, CBD does not work on everyone. Not every body-mind system reacts the same to health supplements. If  you feel no effect, it may have to do with the quality of the CBD oil but not necessarily so.
CBD oil is known as a supplement, and therefore it’s effects are not immediate. It regulates several processes within the body and the nervous system via the endocannabinoid system. To allow for this regulatory process to happen it’s important to take CBD in the correct dosage on a very regular basis.
So it’s a matter of trying CBD oil properly and carefully in order to find out what it can do for you. If CBD oil doesn’t work for you at the moment it may be due to one of the following aspects.

1. Dosis

CBD oil is available in several concentrations, ranging from 2.5% up to 10%, where 5% is most commonly used. It may help using a higher concentration. The lowest concentrations are suited for preventive use or for children or pets.
If you are currently taking oil in the 2.5 to 5% range, this oil is significantly diluted. Consider taking several drops a time,  three times a day. Gradually increase according to a tried and tested dosing scheme.

2. Regular intake

For the effectiveness of CBD the frequency of your dosing is important. It works best when it’s taken several times a day. When taken sporadically, especially when you’ve just started, the substance does not get a proper chance to become active in the body.

Take CBD oil two to three times a day, depending on your condition and the desired effect. Not every one sleeps well after CBD, so if that’s your case it’s recommended to only dose twice a day: in the morning and afternoon.

3. Absorption or bio-availability of CBD

Commercial CBD oil consists largely of carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or olive oil. In general, non-water soluble substances such as lipids are difficult to absorb by your digestive system. And so is CBD. For the most optimal absorption of CBD by the body it is therefore very important to take this supplement in the right way.

The Dutch Mediwietsite recommends that you carefully drip the CBD oil under the tongue and count to at least 100 before swallowing the oil or drinking something. In doing so you give the CBD molecules the chance to be absorbed by the thin oral mucosa before you rinse it away.

Some find it hard to tolerate the intense taste of CBD oil. That’s why water-soluble CBD has been developed. Due to a special carrier, this CBD is water soluble, so it can be absorbed well by your digestive tract. You can mix it into a glass of water or tea, or simply consume and swallow it directly.

4. Absorption, physical condition and diet

CBD is a powerful and versatile nutritional supplement, but it does not replace other nutrients or supplements. If your symptoms are related to a shortage of important vitamins or minerals, then CBD most likely does not offer a solution. Common deficiencies can have a profound effect on the nervous system, mood, sleep and energy level.

Also note that, in general, any nutritional supplement is best absorbed when the body is in a good condition. The better your body is rested, nourished, and hydrated, the better nutrients are absorbed [1]. A healthy intestinal flora [2], where you can think of avoiding sugary products [3] also plays a role, as scientific research shows. In addition, it’s stated that both avoiding stress [4] and doing sports or sufficiently intensive exercise [5] will improve the absorption of supplements and nutrients.


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