How to buy the best CBD oil? Here are 10 tips.

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How to buy the best CBD oil? Step #1 is to inform yourself

We compare CBD on quality, price and other important criteria such as lab test reports and certificates that guarantee organic produce and a stable, clean, therapeutic grade, end product.

This industry is expanding rapidly while the authorities are still setting up accurate legislation (or regulation) and quality standards. This is why it’s important to be 100% assured of what you buy.

Compare CBD oil

We empower people by providing information about CBD that vendors and manufacturers sometimes fail to disclose.

Through our Knowledge base, we offer basic essential CBD knowledge on the correct use of CBD products.

We also provide industry news and medical news about CBD on our blog.


The healing powers of cannabis and cannabinoids

Perhaps the idea of using cannabis as a health product is fairly new to you. Many still consider it to be a soft drug in the first place.

But, the cannabis plant has played an important role in human history. Archaeological evidence points towards its use 8000 year B.C. Hemp, THC and CBD will shape the path for science to conduct research on the 116 cannabinoids that this plant holds. This unique composition enables a number of regulating and healing properties for the body and mind. Science and the medical world are starting to acknowledge the value of this plant, and see it’s worth beyond a temporary high or stress-relief. Anecdotal evidence is increasingly backed up by clinical research, showing that cannabis can potentially help fight pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, eczema, cancer, respiratory diseases, muscular diseases, PTSD, recovery from chemotherapy and much more.   

We expect that the potential of this plant will be fully unveiled in the coming decades. The legalization and regulation of cannabis in the United States, Uruguay and Canada is already a big leap forward. Europe will follow their footsteps. More so, we hope that within a few years, cannabis will be available as a supplement, therapeutic aid or medicine for anyone who needs it.

This infographic is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to encourage the purchasing of illicit substances.

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