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CBD brand review: Phyto+

Overview review Phyto+ Plus

Phyto+ is a Dutch company with international ambitions and a mission to deliver products that outperform all other European brands in terms of quality and health benefits. Health experts are keen to recommend them. 

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Phyto+ Plus

Phyto+ is a relative newcomer on the European CBD market but with the highest possible standards in CBD purity and quality, they raise the bar for everyone. 

This BIO and EKO certified company brings a complete range of organic CBD products including suppositories and pet drops. 

Phyto+ CBD deserves the badges Quality, Safety, Innovation and Sustainability.

Conclusion: Sustainable quality product

Short description by Phyto+ Plus

“We take health seriously.”

We have been active on the Healthfood market for some time now. We discovered that there are very few CBD brands that meet the required standards for a good quality CBD Hemp Oil supplement. This is why we created PHYTO+ CBD Hemp Oil. We strive to be one of the best CBD Hemp Oil Brands worldwide. Without losing our first priority, maintaining the highest possible quality and meeting all required standards for this miraculous product from Mother Nature.

Badges for Phyto+ Plus

CBD oil quality badge

The hemp that Phyto+ uses for their products is grown in Scandinavia using 100% organic farming. The company is among the few that carry the EU-BIO (SKAL) organic certificate.

On top of that, this company is also EKO certified  which means that significant effort is made to ensure a sustainably grown, produced and packed product. We can’t wait to learn more about these efforts, because Phyto+  has not published much about it on their website.

CBD oil safety review badge

When viewing the CoA’s on the website, which are very detailed, we notice that these are coming from the same lab as those of Endoca. It’s very likely that Phyto+ products are in fact Endoca products. Relabeled. Is that a problem? Not at all. We encourage you to read our Endoca review and decide for yourself from which of these two excellent sustainable companies you’d like to purchase.

The products were tested on cannabinoids, terpenes and the presence of heavy metals, microbial substances, residual solvents and around 300 pesticides.

Product labelling complies with all legal standards, just like the product itself. This is therefore the safest and most certified product up to date as it carries the  GMP, HACCP, EU-BIO, EKO certificates.

CBD oil sustainability review badge

Endoca is one of the worlds pioneers in creating a sustainable hemp product and business. Their efforts are not limited to growing organic hemp but include:

  • We are going to convert tens of thousands of hectares of non-organic land into organic farmland.
  • We care about the environment, that’s why our harvesters use waste oil from the food industry.
  • We want to serve as an example for all industries, showing that it is possible to build a successful business that is 100% sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Although Phyto+ itself is not responsible for much inventions or innovations (neither do they claim to be) we think the company deserves this badge for their assortment and their efforts to demonstrate the importance of sustainable, clean products by getting extra certifications.

The recommended prices range from € 23 for 10 ml 3% CBD oil to € 119 for 10 ml of 15% CBD oil.  Just as Endoca, Phyto Plus occupies the top segment.

There is a wide choice of oils: non-heated full spectrum CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD paste, vape crystals, suppositories and drops for pets.

Phyto+ is not known to support charities.

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