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Jacob Hooy is a Dutch company in herbs and natural products, founded in 1743. Thanks to Jacob Hooy, CBD has rapidly become known as a common natural supplement in at least the Netherlands and the UK. The company signed an exclusivity contract with natural product chain Holland & Barrett. Like all Jacob Hooy products, this CBD oil meets the requirements of the European Union. However, it is not labeled as an organic product.

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Jacob Hooy

Despite all the uncertainty regarding the legal status of CBD, Jacob Hooy decided to meet the massive demand. This unique health supplement was placed in the shops of Holland & Barrett, making it the most popular CBD brand in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Jacob Hooy is a thriving company in herbs and natural products, founded in 1743. All products meet the requirements of the European Union but are not necessarily organic.

Jacob Hooy CBD oil deserves the badges Safety, Innovation and Doing Well.

Conclusion: Safe Product

Short description by Jacob Hooy

In 1743 Jacob Hooy opened a herbal stall at the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt. Today, family business Jacob Hooy is one of the 383 companies that can call themselves suppliers to the Court. Jacob Hooy actively contributes to legislation and policy, we have regular consultations with various government bodies. We even have a scientific advisory board to advise and assist us with CBD.
This way both quality and continuity are guaranteed. As a committed entrepreneur, we also want to use natural resources economically. Hemp has a healthy ecological footprint. Every part of the plant can be used, so there is no waste.

Badges for Jacob Hooy

The industrial hemp that Jacob Hooy is cultivated by Hempflax in Groningen, the leaves and buds are then sent separately to Germany, where they are processed into end products. The latter is illegal in the Netherlands. The company holds the GMP and HACCP certificates, but there is no demonstrable evidence of organic cultivation.

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Jacob Hooy performs independent tests on cannabinoids and the presence of heavy metals, microbial substances, residual solvents and pesticides. However, these are not made available through public communication channels. The company’s customer service department again indicates that all European standards are met and sent us several test reports on request. Whether these tests are carried out for each production batch is unclear to us.

Product labelling complies with all legal standards, just like the product itself. This is therefore a safe product, but there is insufficient evidence to be able to rely on the quality promised by the brand itself.

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Jacob Hooy offers a future-oriented range of water-soluble CBD and care products.

The recommended prices range from € 3.99 for a lip balm, € 29.99 for 10 ml 5% CBD oil to € 94.99 for 100 ml of the same oil.  Jacob Hooy is thus in the middle segment.

There is a wide choice of oils: CBD oil, CBD capsules, water soluble CBD, hemp seed oil for the kitchen and a number of skin care products. Jacob Hooy focuses primarily on consumers who want to use CBD as a supplement to support good health, and as a care product.

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Jacob Hooy receives the Mission & Good Doing badge mainly because of the pioneering role that the brand has played for centuries and because of offering CBD in consultation with the Dutch government. Thanks to these efforts, CBD is no longer a niche product.

Jacob Hooy can still improve a lot when it comes to communication and information to the consumer. This consumer still has to rely too much on research by himself or on the shop staff at the H&B stores.

Jacob Hooy is not known to support charities or actively contribute to sustainability.

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