Consumer survey: How effective is CBD oil?

Radar, a Dutch TV show on consumer related topics, held a survey about the use of CBD oil amongst 4000 people who indicated they’ve used CBD oil.

This online survey was held between 13 and 27 September 2017 among the total of 25,001 members of the Radar Test Panel. The Radar Test Panel is a group of more than 100,000 people who share their opinions and experiences through online questionnaires.

The largest group, almost 4000 people, used CBD oil with less than 0,05% THC.

CBD oil against pain, sleep problems and cancer

The oil was used by the respondents against a wide variety of complaints. Joint pain (40%), sleeping problems (37%) or chronic pain (34%) are the top 3 reasons for using CBD oil. It was also used against nerve pain (17%), depression or other psychological complaints (10%), skin problems (8%), tingling hands and feet (8%) and high blood pressure (7%). 6% even used the oil to fight cancer, 5% hoped to fight an anxiety disorder with it. A small number of respondents mentioned MS, nausea or epilepsy, and a few dozens of people mentioned a variety of other conditions that CBD oil may help with.

Whether or not it actually works, the opinions are divided. About half of the people in the survey stated they ‘somewhat’ benefitted from CBD oil, 30% did not feel that CBD oil relieved the symptoms at all.

But 17% was completely convinced of the beneficial effect of CBD oil on their complaints. On the other hand, a few dozen people suspected that the use of CBD oil actually made the complaints worse.

Starting with CBD oil on their own

92% of the respondents used their CBD oil daily: one or more times daily. Most of the respondents had heard about CBD oil from family, friends or acquaintances. Others had heard or read about it in the media. Less than 1 out of 10 became aware of the oil via a healthcare professional. People generally do not seem to involve their GP in the use of CBD oil: only 13% consulted about it with their GP.

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